Flat Roofing Contractors

When selecting a flat roofing contractor to repair or replace your roof, it pays to do some research. Since flat roofing is more common in Great Britain and Canada, make sure when you are investigating on the internet that you are looking at a site based in the United States. Otherwise it can get confusing and not all the information and regulations are the same.


Flat roofing requires very different techniques from normal asphalt shingle roofing. Most retail stores that sell flat roofing materials do not install for this very reason. When interviewing a roofer, make sure you ask about their experience in flat roofing. Do they install it on a regular basis or only once in awhile? Can they provide references that you can call and go visit in your area?


Since flat roofing is so different in material and installation from standard roofing, you will want to ask if the roofers you are interviewing are certified by the manufacturer of the material you have chosen for your re-roofing project or if they are certified by the manufacturer of your current roofing material that you need repaired. Even within the flat roofing industry there are several different materials to chose form and each one has different installation procedures and techniques. Improper installation can void a warrantee, so you want to be very certain the roofer you hire knows exactly what they are doing.

Energy Star rating:

When you are selecting you roofing materials, check to see if they are Energy Star rated. Visiting www.EnergyStar.gov can provide you with some information. Your roofing contractor should also be able to provide information from the manufacturer showing the Energy Star rating. You can save, not only on your future energy bills, but also on your taxes at the end of the year. Both the Energy Star site and www.irs.gov should have information on how to apply for tax credit if you select roofing material that is Energy Star rated.


When you are looking to have your flat roof replaced rather than repaired, talk with the contractors you are thinking of hiring about which materials will best suit your needs. This will not only be helpful to you, it will also show you the depth of knowledge the contractor has about the variety of flat roofing materials available and their experience in installing those materials. Consider not only saving on cost, but also the long term cost to you if you select the cheapest materials and roofing installer. If you select the cheapest roofing, remember that the material is probably cheaper because it will not last as long. Also look at the warrantees for the different materials. The longer the warrantee, the more faith the manufacturer has in their product. And if an installer is considerably cheaper, make sure you check to see that they are fully bonded and insured or you can end up footing the bill if something goes wrong on the job and someone is injured.